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Meaning better prices, higher quality rice and it supports rice farmers.
All things sustainable
From efficient supply chains to recyclable packaging.
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Empowering small holders
Empowering rice growers. Helping them escape the poverty cycle.
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One third of all rice is wasted...

Production losses

Up to 26 million tons of rice is wasted during production every year!

This is because 70% of the world's rice is produced by small holder farmers who do not have access to modern farming equipment.

Convoluted supply chain

Rice farmers face a convoluted supply chain with multiple middlemen that results in low prices at sale. This keeps them in an unbreakable cycle of poverty.

Harming the environment

Rice is one of the leading causes of methane emissions on our planet. Every grain lost causes irreparable damage to the planet.

Low quality crops

Due to smallholder poverty, crops produced via rudimentary techniques are normally low quality and unable to pass international standards. This can result in health and safety concerns.

We invest 20% of profits for sustainable rice production

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Happy farmers means that they can put in effort and care into growing delicious food. Simple right?

Unfortunately, the rice industry is far from fair. Farmers aren’t paid fairly for their hard work. Therefore, they can’t afford better farming equipent for quality rice.

We aim to create a kinder rice industry that puts farmers first so that everyone can enjoy high quality rice.

Teamwork makes the dream work

We work with NGOs and farmer groups all over the world to empower farmers to fight waste, here are some of our super star partners.

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